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Class Schedule

Below is a list of the classes we offer. Please click on the buttons below for a detailed class schedule and full class descriptions.

Mini Movers

This is a parent/child class for children 12 months (must be able to walk) to 3 years old. This class will focus on language, social emotional, physical and cognitive development as we explore concepts of literacy, fine motor and social skills. Curriculum includes muscle and brain builders, tumbling and jumping, music and instruments, dancing, crafts, games, & free play.

Hip Hop / Tumbling

Hip Hop/Tumbling classes provide 30 minutes of tumbling instruction and 30 minutes of hip hop dance
instruction. Students in these classes will perform a hip hop routine with some tumbling tricks they have
learned at both the Christmas and Spring recital. $15 T-shirt fee, no costume fee.

Combo Dance/Tumble

Combo classes are a combination of various dance styles, including: jazz, lyrical, hip hop, ballet, as well
as an intro to tumbling. They will have one costume as well as a $10 costume rental fee (for Christmas)
and perform at the Christmas & Spring recitals.


Ballet classes will follow a classical ballet structure, including barre, stretching, adagio, petite allegro, center, turns across the floor, grande allegro, and reverence. Classical ballet technique and terminology
will be taught. All ballet classes will perform at both the Christmas and Spring recital. They will have one costume as well as a $10 costume rental fee for Christmas.


These recreational dance classes will learn proper technique and perform both lyrical and jazz dances. Classes will include warm up, isolations, strength and flexibility training, across the floor, combinations, as well as learning choreography. They will have 1 combo costume and perform twice, once at the Christmas recital and once at the Spring recital.


Tumbling classes consist of warm-ups, strength, and conditioning, followed by tumbling skills for all levels.  They receive a T-shirt and will have an in-class showcase twice a year($15 T-Shirt fee).

Rec-Competition Team

Our rec-competition teams are perfect for our dancers who want to push themselves and be a part of a competition team, without as much time and monetary commitment. There will be one competition fee and two showcase fees associated with this team. They purchase 2 costumes and compete in the Jazz and Lyrical styles, but also get to perform a hip hop routine at the spring recital. 

Competition Teams (audition required)

All competition teams are required to take a ballet technique class. Pointe and pointe preparation classes are also offered but are optional. After tryouts, you will be able to register for your designated team (Sapphires, Emeralds, Garnets, Opals, or Diamonds). Then, please register for the ballet class that matches your age and skill level. If you need help determining which class is right for you, please contact Carmen. There will be competition fees
associated with these teams.

Aerial Silks

Class will include warm up, flexibility training, and guided instruction for basic skills and tricks using aerial silks. No experience necessary!

They receive a T-shirt and will have an in-class showcase twice a year($15 T-Shirt fee).


$35 / month for
45 min class

$40 / month for

1 hour class

$5 discount for every additional class per family

Dress Code

Please follow and respect our dress code for the studio.

Remember: all shoes each dancer uses must be appropriate for the class he or she is participating in. Dance Shoes should not be worn outside. Girls: hair must always be secured away from the face.

Please remove jewelry including dangling earrings (studs are ok). No chewing gum in class.  

To avoid any confusion about the dress code, please check out this attachment which includes clarifying pictures.

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